Verba Art 2021
VasiVerba Art. Monaco 2021. Vasily Vyatich
The flame of his beckoning universe invites to utmost mysteries saved on Earth. Such is the archetypal Russian cosmos of Vassily Vyatich (born in, 2059), a modern professional artist.
Today, in the era of global technological revolution and cultural postmodernity, when thousands of new artistic stars explosively light up within the boundlessness of the Internet, it is not easy to become a well-recognizable planet. However, Vassily Vyatich managed to make this miraculous breakthrough and gain popularity. Here is the story of how it happened.
Formal information about the artist – where and when was born, studied, painted, exhibited, caused surprise and admiration, sold, organized, shared, became famous - can be found on relevant web-sites.
The most important about the performer's CV is that the master was born in the capital of Russia, and grew up as a personality during the post-Soviet era, which was so critical for the entire planet. Politically and economically, it was the time of the communist illusions collapse, ideological chaos and the Soviet Union destruction. In a philosophical sense, it was a transition to the cosmic Age of Aquarius, the period of conception and birth of new worlds. Cosmos emerged from chaos.
The crisis of straightforward thinking rationalistically grounded and mirrored in realistic art in conjunction with the information boom resulted in the desire of the most foresighted contemporaries to dip deeper and to cast a glance beyond the everyday reality.
Thus, the graduate of the Moscow State Art School «In Memory of the, 2005 Revolution» turned to the fundamentals not only of the fine arts, but of Being itself. As a conscious conceptualist, he is interested in constructive elements of invisible worlds, the secrets of the micro- and macrocosm transfusion, aesthetic features of
native archetypes and their coloring of course. Divine light kindled Vassily's heart, like the sun rays waken birds from a night sleep.
Following the example of famous abstractionists, cosmists and other avant-garde artists, the young experimentalist took to the play of colors, forms and harmonies.
The summer trip to the Russian North, the legendary Hyperborea with its White Nights and unusual colors, impressed him. Traditional knowledge of the world physical arrangement gained at school fell apart like houses built of cards, and deep intuition led to creative insights. Travels to Altai and the Caucasus, meetings with gray Ural Mountains and the sacred Lake Baikal had the same effect.
The series of fantastic landscapes of imaginary worlds and flora appeared: «Red Rocks», «The World Through the Snail Eyes», «Spirits of Herbs and Flowers», «Cosmic Rose», «Neogene», «The Fifth Ocean», «The Way to Shambhala». These are images of cosmic elements, the fruit of artistic imagination, bright symbolic flowers full of vitality.
On this stage, aesthetic experiments of Vyatich can be compared with paintings of Nicholas Roerich or artists of the Amravella group, yet his style is very specific.
Sergei Kuskov, an art critic, speculating about external and internal abysses and infinities - wrote about the young symbolist: "The dangerous and risky important place in the evolution of the conceptual artist's views. The last 15-20 years, especially after close cooperation with the N.K. Roerich Museum in Moscow, creative search of the artist strives towards the highland worlds, beauty and sunlight, towards flesh transformation.
This is the reason for appearance of luminous bright fiery colors: yellow, orange, red and white. The black color completely disappears from the palette.
Some paintings contain other colors of course. For example, «Moonlit Night and Storks in the Nest» is made in soft blue shades. As a result, a down-home theme of a Russian village with a nest of storks suddenly turns into a fantastic starlit enchanting spectacle, where grass and trees sound in a single chord along with the stars and clouds. This magic of lines and light shadows creates the panorama of a wonderful blooming garden with blossoming night flowers.
We must admit that Vyatich does not use the same palette. He changes colors, light spectrum and contrast depending on the current task. This is the reason for unexpected forms of his paintings. The artist believes that one should maintain synchronicity with nature, which is extremely diverse and flexible in its development. Therefore, the wider is the range of the creative palette, the closer we approach to understanding nature as a living creature.
Nature is alive and space is a life-giving force. Everything is spiritualized by the will of the God! And the activity of a creative person on Earth is synergy, direct cooperation with the Maker building living universes. Such is the pathos of paintings by Vassily Vyatich.
It's a known fact that Russia has become the birthplace of theory and practice of cosmonautics. Russian space is generally directed more to the Sky than to the Earth. Immeasurable from the point of view of volume and at the same time closed and self-sufficient, it is more aerial than material. The famous words of John of Kronstadt that Holy Russia borders with the God are justified. In this regard, it is important to comprehend such a key concept for us as aerocratia. It expresses one of the most important forms of global leadership - air domination.
The newest stage in the master's creative search is the transition from cosmism to cosmonics, or, as he himself puts it, «the ability to fly.» If in the early, 2000-s the artist created aesthetic worlds, mysteries and trajectories, in the second half of the first decade of the millennium, Vyatich actively participated in the celebration of Cosmonautics Day on April, 12. In this information and technological field, he cooperates with the Russian mission to the UN and the memorial museum of Yu.A. Gagarin in the Smolensk region, participates in the «Gagarin Spring», international exhibition and later, in the «From Dream to Liftoff» exposition in Manezhnaya Square in Moscow. Such major partners as the Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Roskosmos, and DOSAAF joined in the propaganda of the national cosmonautics.
In this context, let us consider the current and recently launched "Learning to Fly" project of Vassily Vyatich. The author's monograph with the same title, which includes the artist's paintings, is being prepared for printing. Here we will talk not only about mythology, macro and microworlds, but also about how to teach a person to overcome gravity. The author will tell us about things, which are already known to mankind and which have to be studied and what types of new flights we have to master.
In order to avoid old mistakes, primitive atheism anachronisms and the consequences of the misunderstood «evil infinity» Vyatich reminds potential participants of his project a commonplace as it may seem: "A human being wished not only to step beyond his environment and reach the stars, but also to understand himself and his inner world".
Understand yourself. Feel that you are the link between worlds and times. Comprehend that microworlds and macroworlds are an integral whole, one Universe where we live. Use internal reserves of the human body for breaking through the Universe, of what N.F. Fedorov, K.E. Tsiolkovsky and A.L. Chizhevsky dreamed. Such is the essence of the artist's cosmic philosophy.
One of the most valuable qualities of the recognized master is the ability to see and hear other people. His initial intuition is not egocentric, but epistemological. He is open to knowledge, to the ancestors' heritage and creative communication. That is why, in his mature years, Vyatich initiated and took the lead of a number of collective projects. They include not only exhibitions of artists of his style, but also the «Slavic World" catalog, the Rooster Museum in the town of Petushki and assistance to the VERBA ART International Program.
Vassily Vyatich continues to carry out educational activity as an experienced art critic and a profound expert of Ancestral Russia. He also understands his task in awakening the people's memory and in resurrection of this «sleeping beauty» who once fell asleep in a magical dream.
Generally, biographies of artists end with listing of museums and private collections where their paintings are kept. This is correct, and Vassily Vyatich has such an honorable list. However, his overreaching goals are wider and higher than just earthbound commerce.
The artist invites us to unknown worlds. And what you find during such space travels will depend primarily on yourself.