Verba Art 2021
Verba Art. Monaco 2021. Elena Dunaeva
Verba Art Encyclopedia of Contemporary Art proudly announces the Verba Art Monaco exhibition.
This is a personal exhibition of the Moscow artist Elena Dunaeva.
Elena obtained her first degree from the Moscow State Pedagogical University named after V.I. Lenin, and her second degree – from the Moscow Architectural Institute. That's where she started to paint with pastels and grew fond of painting.
Elena Dunaeva also has a degree in the field of Psychotherapy.
Besides, she graduated from the Japanese Ikebana school, where she obtained the title of Master and was given a unique name – Rainbow of Harmony.
Elena's artworks are filled with special energy. They have something very particular about them.
And they don't leave anyone indifferent.
Elena Dunaeva is a member of the Eurasian Art Union. She participated in numerous art fairs and contests, and not once became an award-winner. Her artworks were highly recognized at the Golden Time Distant Festival (Season 13), where she became a Grand Prix and multiple First Prize winner. Elena's paintings were also exhibited at various art fairs in Gostiny Dvor, Sokolniki, and other art venues in Moscow.
Now you have a unique opportunity to enjoy the beautiful artworks of Elena's at her personal Verba Art Monaco exhibition.
Welcome to the Verba Art Monaco exhibition – personal exhibition of Elena Dunaeva's.


The eye popping colorful catalogue containing all the participating artworks has been published specially for the Verba Art Monaco exhibition.

This beautiful exclusive book is available for purchase and can be ordered on our website. The catalogues issued by the Verba Art Encyclopedia of Contemporary Art are limited edition prints. Each catalogue of paintings features the artist's signature. These catalogues are unique collectible items that will grow in price.